30th Anniversary
A hundred man event! Hebei Xinda Group tug-of-war competition "champion factory" is them!

In order to celebrate the National Day, enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, inspire morale, inspire people, create a good working atmosphere of unity, harmony and positive, improve the ability of teamwork, show the style of employees, enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the group, on October 2, Hebei Xinda Group held a tug-of-war competition in the stadium "condensing 'Xin' gathering force exhibition style and unite to the future". More than 200 employees from 16 representative teams from various companies of the group competed on the field.

The competition is carried out in a knockout way, 16 teams are divided into two groups AB, the two sides of the game are determined by the draw of the team leaders before the game, two wins out of three in each game, the winning team advances to the next round, the losing team is eliminated directly. The winner of Group A and the winner of Group B will compete for the championship, and the second winner of Group A and the second winner of Group B will compete for the third place.

At the scene of the competition, the participating teams carefully arranged troops and showed the strongest lineup of the game, and the players were all eager to try. The field cadres and workers spontaneously cheer for the players. On the field, the players hold onto the rope, the front leg straight, the back leg lunge, lean back, hold their breath. With the starting call, the players "one-two, one-two..." Full of rhythm of the shouts one after another, accompanied by the sidelines of the players echoed the clouds of support, they are like tigers, low body posture, with all efforts to fight. The thick twine and the center line calibration rudder move alternately between the two teams, and the scene is constantly exciting, climactic and exciting. One game after another fully demonstrated the strength and momentum of the contest, the team cohesion and cooperation of the contest, fully demonstrated the Xinda people's unity and cooperation, positive spirit, and not afraid of strong, never give up, never give up the spirit of temperament.

After an afternoon of fierce competition, in the end, Hebei Xinda Steel Group Co., Ltd. steelmaking team won the champion, Hebei Rongxin Steel Co., Ltd. valiant Zhi team won the second place, Tianjin Tiandao Metal Group Co., Ltd. won the third place.

The participating employees have said that they will take the tug-of-war competition as an opportunity to transform the tenacious fighting style and the spirit of unity and cooperation in the competition into the driving force of production and operation, with more full enthusiasm and more high morale, seize the momentum and move forward, and provide a solid ideological and action guarantee for the completion of the various tasks of high-quality development of enterprise operation transformation. Make every effort to complete the annual target tasks.

All along, Hebei Xinda Group has always adhered to the cultural cultivation as an important starting point to enhance the soft power of the team and enhance the sense of belonging of the staff. Through a series of popular cultural and sports activities such as fun sports games, basketball games, corporate culture festivals, etc., we further enrich the cultural life of the staff, activate the corporate cultural atmosphere, unite the team and boost the morale of the staff.

Not only cultural education, in terms of humanistic care, Hebei Xinda Group has always adhered to people-oriented, caring for employees with humanity, providing a learning and growth platform for employees in personnel training, and opening up promotion channels; To solve the "urgent, difficult, anxious and anxious" problems of employees, set up employee service centers, gyms, stadiums, libraries, etc., to provide convenience for employees' lives; Organize free physical examination for employees regularly and distribute annual welfare; Set up a complete set of staff apartments, improve the living area ancillary facilities, with free shared motorcycles, to solve the problem of short-distance travel within the plant, free commuter car to facilitate workers to commute; Internal employees enjoy preferential policies for house purchases, foreign workers provide subsidies for settling down, sincerely care for workers, and decompress for workers.

Sharpen and train the elite to gather strength, forge iron army brave mission. The tug-of-war competition is not only a physical strength, endurance competition, but also an image style display competition, fully showing the Hebei Xinda Group cadres and workers unity and cooperation, gathering strength, dare to dare to rush the spirit. All cadres and staff will fully carry forward the spirit of unity in the tug-of-war, with the enthusiasm of "fighting for the first class" and the good style of "unity and forging ahead, full of fighting spirit", put into the production practice work of their own posts, take on the role of a more energetic and promising attitude, and make due contributions to promote the high-quality development of Xinda, and promote the stable and long-term development of Xinda!