30th Anniversary
Xinda the sixth staff basketball game successfully concluded!

Encourage youth, dream field. After 8 days of fierce competition, on the afternoon of May 26, the sixth staff basketball game of Hebei Xinda Group came to an end smoothly in a tense and warm atmosphere, and the event was a complete success. Gao Haitao, Director of the Human Resources Planning Department of the Production and Operation Management Center of Hebei Xinda Group, Meng Xiangying, Minister of Human Resources of Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD., Dong Chenglou, Minister of Operation Improvement Department, and Jiang Hao, director of the General Office, attended the closing ceremony.

The final

That afternoon, "du -" with a whistle from the referee, the most intense finals kicked off, players on both sides struggled to jump, fought hard for the ball, stopped three points, tackled and intercepted, broke through with the ball, and double-teamed cleverly... Eliciting cheers from the sidelines.

Award ceremony

In the end, the team of Hebei Xinda Steel Group Co., Ltd. won the championship of this basketball game, the team of Hebei Rongxin Steel Co., Ltd. won the second place, the team of Qian 'an Xinda Logistics Co., Ltd. won the third place, and the team of Tianjin Tiandao Metal Group Co., Ltd. won the best organization award.

Leader's speech

Gao Haitao, director of the Human Resources Planning Department of the production and Operation Management Center of the Group, expressed warm congratulations to the team that achieved excellent results. He pointed out that during the competition, the team athletes showed high passion, tenacious fighting spirit, and fully enjoy the spiritual enrichment and the joy of sports; All the judges are meticulous, serious and responsible, stick to their posts, adhere to standards, and carry forward a fair, just and open work style. The whole process of the game was orderly, tense and warm, and the present personnel jointly created a harmonious and yet fiery game atmosphere, which condensed people's hearts, encouraged morale and enhanced feelings. He hopes that Xinda people will continue to unite and work hard, the courage to forge ahead, indomitable spirit into work and life, so that victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged, with full enthusiasm, high morale, fighting spirit into the green high-quality development of the enterprise, and then create more brilliant performance.

Game style, game level, game friendship. The holding of this basketball game not only enriched the amateur cultural life of Xinda cadres and workers, but also fully demonstrated the spirit of Xinda people's unity, hard work and enterprising spirit, and encouraged everyone to transform the sportsmanship into the passion and motivation of doing business. In the future, Hebei Xinda Group will continue to pay attention to the physical and mental health and cultural life of the majority of cadres and employees, build a platform carrier, enrich the content of activities, continue to promote full participation, cultivate health hobbies, and promote cadres and employees to invest in work and life with a strong body and full spirit, and join hands to create a better tomorrow of Xinda!