30th Anniversary
Hyperburn duel! Xinda's double ball linkage game is full of "war flavor"!

In order to enrich the cultural and recreational life of employees and improve their cohesion and centripetal force, Hebei Xinda Group organized a "Double Ball Linkage" activity on March 21-22, which received high attention from the majority of cadres and employees. 100 table tennis and badminton enthusiasts from various units directly under the group and affiliated companies signed up to participate in the activity, swinging and competing on the field, competing to surpass themselves in the competition, and harvesting happiness in the competition

The competition lasts for two days, competing for the first, second, and third places in the men's and women's singles competitions of table tennis and badminton. The atmosphere at the scene was hot, and the players were sweating and competing fiercely on the field. Flexible walking, clear hitting sound, both sides coming and going, each ball must be contested and each point must be won. Badminton is constantly rolling and unpredictable in a single move of the contestants' "hook, rub, pick, and hit" movements.

On the table tennis field, the contestants are in a tight position, and the operations such as the direct stroke, the horizontal stroke, the return stroke, and the spike are dazzling. The excellent smash after smash, the table tennis ball draws beautiful arcs in the air, all of which demonstrate the strength and wisdom of the players. The contestants fought bravely on the field and dared not take it lightly. The atmosphere at the entire competition site was very intense.

On the field, competitors from various companies are 100% focused on the game, keeping an eye on each ball coming from the opposite side, using different tactics, competing with each other in serving and receiving skills, and striving to win every point. The contestants are serious and focused, with exciting scenes emerging one after another, with tricky angles, exquisite arcs, and fierce slam dunks. Their aggressive and hard working spirit has caused the cheers and cheers of the "cheering group" on the spot to rise one after another. The contestants worked together and bravely fought for the first place. The competition demonstrated their style and level, fully demonstrating the spirit of unity, upward mobility, and continuous self-improvement of Xinda people.

After two days of competition, Liang Wanmin, Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Xing Wenqiang, Hebei Jingdong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., and Zhao Chunqiang, Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., respectively won the first, second, and third place in men's singles table tennis.

Tangshan Tianhong Property Service Co., Ltd. Cao Yuhong, Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Tao, and Hebei Xinda Group Quan Zejun won the first, second, and third place in women's singles table tennis.

Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Kan Shipeng, Hao Jianchao, and Guo Hangbin respectively won the first, second, and third place in men's singles badminton.

Hu Min of Hebei Xinda Group, Liang Xiaona of Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., and Xu Jin of Hebei Steel Grain Union Technology Co., Ltd. won the first, second, and third place respectively in women's singles badminton.

People oriented, improving quality, benefiting employees. Hebei Xinda Group practices the development concept of "innovation, green, open, and win-win", adheres to the sharing of development results among all employees, and steadily increases employee income. Build leisure and entertainment venues such as investment stadiums, gyms, and libraries, use cultural and sports activities as an important means of transmitting corporate culture, constantly design new carriers, and strive to create a healthy and upward cultural atmosphere, so that employees are constantly influenced by advanced corporate culture. For example, the Spring Festival Gala, the "Happy Life and Love in Xinda" Goddess Festival special event, basketball matches, badminton fellowship activities, the "Destiny to Be Together with Xinda" collective wedding event, the Dragon Boat Festival creative cheongsam show, etc., cultivate the ideological sentiment of employees and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of enterprises.

Actively carry out corporate culture festival, cultural forum series activities, civilized family culture construction activities, photography, calligraphy, painting, speech, reading activities, as well as various group association joint activities, continuously enhance employees' intuitive experience and feeling of corporate culture, forming a healthy and upward cultural life atmosphere. The establishment of the Hebei Xinda Group Culture and Art Troupe has established a platform for the display and communication of dance and vocal music enthusiasts, and has also brought a new atmosphere to the construction of corporate culture.

The "Double Ball Linkage" activity fully demonstrated the demeanor of Xinda people's "Daring to Win, Striving for Top Place, Uniting and Working Together", further motivating the majority of cadres and employees to devote themselves to the green and high-quality development of the group with strong physique, inspiring spirit, and full of passion, enhancing team cohesion and centripetal force. In the future, the Group will focus on giving full play to the "ceremonial" corporate culture construction, innovating activity carriers, enriching activity forms, condensing employees' thoughts with the power of corporate culture, creating the core competitiveness of Xinda through the development of "hard power" and "soft power" of corporate culture, and promoting the sustainable development of the enterprise!