30th Anniversary
Xinda Mid-Autumn Festival ceremony full of feeling!

Tomorrow will be bright and bright. The Mid Autumn Festival has arrived, and the atmosphere of full moon reunion is quietly strong. In order to promote the national culture, inherit the Chinese tradition, firmly implement the theme of "industry integration, lean intelligence, quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, brand strengthening" of the Group, and enrich the spare time cultural life of the majority of employees, Hebei Xinda Group organized the Mid Autumn Festival activity of "Happy Mid Autumn Festival, Reunion and One Xin" at Wangfu Mansion.

The activity kicked off in a beautiful and energetic saxophone solo The Brightest Star in the Night Sky.

Table Tennis Bounce Competition

Trap your heart

Touhu Opera Mid Autumn Festival

guess lantern riddles

"If you want to break the cinnamon twigs in the moon palace, guess an idiom. Come and think about it together." "I know this is unattainable". With the questions of the host, everyone's interest in guessing became even higher. During the heated discussion, people gathered their wisdom. As the riddles were decrypted one by one, the atmosphere of the phenomenon also reached a climax.

Speaking of the Mid Autumn Festival, moon cakes are indispensable. Throughout the ages, people have regarded moon cakes as a symbol of auspiciousness and reunion. As a traditional Mid Autumn food, moon cakes carry the good expectation of reunion, symbolize the joy of reunion, place good wishes, release Chinese charm, and are loved by the people. The delicious moon cakes are one in a million! It is simple to make and does not need to be baked. The novel method of ice crust moon cake has aroused great interest. After carefully listening to the practice of moon cakes, everyone started to work one after another, mixing noodles, pressing skin, selecting stuffing, wrapping stuffing, pressing and shaping. The scene was full of fun, laughter and laughter, and everyone was busy working in groups. The exquisite and beautiful ice skin moon cakes with different shapes were made in the laughter of everyone.

Through playing games, guessing lantern riddles and making moon cakes by hand, this activity made the staff feel the connotation of traditional festivals, further exercised their practical ability and learning ability in a relaxed way, and also built a bridge for communication among colleagues in various companies. It improved the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, fully stimulated the enthusiasm of cadres and staff members for entrepreneurship, and added new color to the in-depth promotion of corporate culture construction activities.

Xinda is always meticulous about the construction of corporate culture, insists on "going out" and "going to the grassroots", and tries its best to make the activities satisfactory to employees. Over the years, we have constantly innovated and enriched the forms of caring activities for employees, including annual meetings, corporate culture festivals, photography, calligraphy, painting, speeches, red song contests, creative cheongsam shows, literary awards, and other activities in an endless stream.

The tree has roots and is strong and luxuriant, the water is active and continuous, and the enterprise has soul and the foundation is evergreen. Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the cornerstone of its development. High quality development of the Group is the joint effort of everyone. In the future, the majority of cadres and workers should continue to vigorously carry forward the spirit of Xinda, be the main force and fresh force of Xinda's development, devote themselves to development, focus on innovation, make contributions to Xinda, a hot land of innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint!