30th Anniversary
Make zongzi and Race Dragon Boat! The Dragon Boat Festival of Xinda people is very lively!

Green rice dumplings are fragrant. It is another Dragon Boat Festival. In order to implement the group's theme of "industry integration, lean intelligence, quality improvement, efficiency enhancement and brand strengthening", enrich the spare time cultural life of employees, and create a united, friendly and progressive working atmosphere, the group held the "Dragon Boat Festival 'zongzi' Mobilization" zongzi wrapping competition to welcome the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival.


Liwenqiu, director of the Party Committee Office of Hebei Xinda group, and liujunhui, director of the financial media center of the Board Office of the group served as the judges of this event.

Zongzi making contest




At the event site, materials such as plump glutinous rice, sweet jujube and Zongye were neatly placed on the table. The participating workers were eager to try. The scene was very lively. With the host's "order", we began the formal competition. The participating workers nervously rolled the rice dumplings into a funnel shape, filled them with stuffing, compacted the glutinous rice, and then wrapped them with small ropes. A palm sized rice dumpling was formed. They exchanged experiences while making zongzi. Pieces of zongzi leaves flipped, folded, filled with stuffing, wrapped with leaves and tied with ropes in their hands. In a short time, unique zongzi appeared in front of everyone. Everyone was very busy and filled with laughter in every corner of the activity site.


The "handyman" employees are not discouraged. If one of them is not well packed, they will come back next to see the operation of their teammates and "learn from the experience" on site. After a game, he always takes it seriously. This meticulously dedicated and dedicated dedication reflects the attitude and spirit of Xinda people.


Within the specified time, all the participating teams completed the task of making zongzi. The two judges gave a fair and objective score on the spot by comparing the shape, size and beauty of zongzi.

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Ask and answer quickly

The competition also set up a quick question and answer session. A big competition between hand speed and brain power allowed everyone to truly feel the strong festival atmosphere and the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which not only deepened everyone's understanding of traditional folk culture, carried forward the essence of Chinese traditional culture, but also fully demonstrated the profound cultural heritage of Xinda employees.



"Xinda really cares about our employees. It cares about us every festival. It always sends benefits to employees in various forms. It's good to be in Xinda." "It hasn't been so lively for a long time. Everyone makes zongzi together to increase the festival atmosphere and enhance the feelings between colleagues. I feel so happy!" Talking about the "Xin" Li dialect session opened up people's hearts to communicate with each other. People said that they felt the "Zong love" of Xinda family during this Dragon Boat Festival, and also passed on the corporate culture full of humanistic care.


Through the accumulation of scores in two rounds of games, the first, second and third prizes have also been announced. They are Tangshan Tianhong Property Service Co., Ltd., Hebei Jingdong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. and Hebei Xinda iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. Liwenqiu, director of the Party Committee Office of the group, awarded them bonuses respectively.

All boats compete for the current, and those who work hard are the first
Xinda family let us achieve each other and make common progress
As a Xinda person, I will keep my original intention and undertake the mission
Identify gaps and implement
Unswervingly promote the company's green and high-quality development
Stimulate new vitality and create a new situation
In the spirit of Dragon Boat Racing
On the road to becoming a strong enterprise for a century
Always strive for the upper reaches