Announcement on Soliciting public Opinion on the Environmental Impact Assessment of Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD. 1# Annual output of 2.4 million tons of grate - Rotary kiln production line Project (the second publicity)

Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD. 1 annual output of 2.4 million tons of grate - rotary kiln production line project environmental impact assessment work has been basically completed, according to the "Environmental impact assessment public participation Measures" (Ministry of Ecological Environment Order No. 4) relevant provisions, our company in order to widely solicit the public on the project's construction attitude and environmental protection opinions and suggestions, The relevant information of the construction project is announced as follows:

I. Network connection of the full text of the draft of the environmental impact report and ways and means of accessing the paper report

1, download the draft environmental impact report network chain links: extraction code: uo22

2, from the construction unit to request the paper version of the environmental impact statement for comment draft, request the way to see the construction unit and contact information.

2. Public scope for soliciting opinions

Solicit suggestions and opinions from the public at all sensitive points within the scope of evaluation on the site selection, environmental impact and environmental protection measures of the project.

3. Internet connection of the public comment form

Links: link: extracted code: f2cr

4. Ways and means for the public to express their views

The public can make comments to the construction unit through phone calls, letters, e-mails and other means

Construction unit: Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD

Address: East of Lu Village, Shaheyi Town, Qian 'an City, China

Contact person: Yang Sheng Tel: 18231510888


Evaluation unit: Tangshan Liye Engineering Technology Consulting Co., LTD

5. The starting and ending time for public comments

The period of publicity is 10 working days from the date of publicity, during which the public can reflect opinions and suggestions related to the environmental impact of the construction project to the construction unit.


Announcement unit: Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD

October 18, 2023